Let's Sing the FrootSoup Song!
We love FrootSoup, yes we do!
'Cause FrootSoup is good for you!
When there's no FrootSoup around,
We scream and whine 'til some is found!

We love FrootSoup 'cause it's great
Sugar makes us stay up late!
When Mom and Dad say, "That's enough!"
We jump around and break their stuff!

We love FrootSoup 'cause we should
FrootSoup marketing works good!
We know what we want to eat
'Cause those cartoons look real neat!

FrootSoup, FrootSoup, FrootSoup FrootSoup FrootSoup
F - R - O - O - T
S - O - U - P
Time for a FrootSoup!
  1. Write down your three favorite FrootSoup flavors
  2. Show the list to you parents
  3. Beg them to take you to a FrootSoup restaurant so you can have one!
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Every minute you spend on the FrootSoup website, you are absorbing important marketing and advertising messages, while earning Sooper Bonus FrootSoup Points! Use them at your local FrootSoup restaurant!
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