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FrootSoup, Inc., has settled the lawsuit filed by the National Dairy Board for an undisclosed amount. The lawsuit stems from FrootSoup's 'Got Froot?' ad campaign, which featured celebrities with a 'soup moustache' and the phrase, 'Got Froot?'. It was the plaintiff's position that this series of ads infringed on their 'Got Milk?' ad campaign. FrootSoup, Inc., has since embarked on a new marketing campaign entitled "Soup-er Size Me", featuring ads with the catchphrase, "I'm lovin' froot!"

FrootSoup, Inc., introduced the new family-sized serving of FrootSoup. Available at FrootSoup restaurants nationwide, The Bucketful contains enough FrootSoup to feed a family of eight. It features a double-hull construction that insulates your FrootSoup or Frohgee Freeze, so it will stay the right temperature until you are ready for it.

Hey kids! Put away that boring homework and play the new FrootSoup game 'Froot Hunter'!